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8 Training Exercises to Keep You Tennis Game Strong

Whether you’re playing in the US Open or the Banana Open, in order to be a top player you have to develop your physical attributes. Our bodies are our machines and a finely-tuned machine makes all the difference in the game. HPRC has developed some simple exercises and drills for your to incorporate into your training regime to improve your speed and agility on court. 

1. Warm Up

In addition to your normal stretching and cardio warm-ups, to improve your tennis game it is important to include some mobility movements. These movements include wrist rotations, shoulder rotations and elbow rotations.  

2. Sprints

Being able to move quickly on the courts is vital in tennis. To train for this, set up cones 20 meters apart, and count how many laps you can sprint in 30 seconds. Take a break and repeat! 

3. Skaters

Skaters help improve your agility and your cardiovascular fitness. Keeping your chest up, drive out from the ball of your foot vertically, landing softly, with your knee tracking over you toes, then skate back in the other direction.


4. Plyometric Lunges

Plyometric lunges are used to increase your “explosive” power on the courts. This takes a normal lung to another level of intensity and is very challenging. For this exercise, start in a standard lunge position. Then summon the energy to jump straight up. While airborne, switch legs so when you land you are able to immediately drop into a lunge with the opposite leg in front.

5. Squat Jumps

Being able to jump for those high shots requires power and strong quads. Including squat jumps in your regime will build both! Start with your feet just outside of your hips, squat and them drive up through your heels. Be sure to land in a squatting position for a smooth transition into the next! 

6. Planks

The body’s core helps to stabilize, optimize momentum, and increase power while playing tennis. Additionally, it helps to protect players from sustaining injuries – especially those involving the back. To form a plank, get on the ground on your hands and toes with your body completely straight. Have your elbows directly below your shoulders and hands inline with your elbows facing forward. Hold this position for 1 minute without dropping your hips. 

7. Medicine Ball Slams

If you’re in the tennis game, you’ve heard of a slam duck. This exercise will help you master that powerful move. Pro tip – make sure your core is engaged throughout this exercise. Holding the Med Ball, lift it up over your head, then forcefully throw it to the ground, when picking the ball back up, make sure you bend your knees. 

8. Cool Down 

Similar to your warm up, use the mobility exercises mentioned while bringing your heart rate down. Also be sure to stretch it out! Completing stretches like the knee hug will stretch your glute and hamstring to improve flexibility and mobility in the lower body, and quickness on the court. 

If you’re experiencing aches and pains from the court, physical therapy can help! Mention this blog post to get a free fitness evaluation at our River Road Clinic (706) 507-9949

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