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Take Advantage of Physical Therapy in a Fitness Facility Setting

Working out can bring big rewards, but as you get older, it’s important to also guard against injury. Taking advantage of a fitness facility’s in-house physical therapy clinic is a smart way to integrate injury prevention into your routine, and to get back to normal if you’ve experienced a setback. HPRC’s partnership with the Forest Drive location of MÜV Fitness in Columbia, South Carolina began in 2016, and it’s a great example of how gyms and clinics can combine forces to keep you active and injury free.

With 73 million individuals in the Baby Boomer generation, there’s already a high demand for physical therapists to support patients with workout-related overuse injuries as well as everyday conditions that impact us all as we age. Direct Access laws, which vary from state to state, have made it easier for patients to go straight to a physical therapist without having to see a physician first. Whether you’re experiencing a sore shoulder or knee, a stiff back or a tightness in the hip, a physical therapist can immediately evaluate the condition, determine its source and cause, and begin a therapy plan to restore function. This saves you time and money and returns you to normal activities faster.

When your physical therapist is located within a gym setting, there are even more benefits:

Immediate access leads to faster results

If you’re working out and you start to feel pain or diminishing function, you can immediately access an onsite physical therapist. At HPRC’s MÜV location in Columbia, we begin providing a complimentary screening to assess your condition. This helps you make an informed decision about pursuing therapy.

Assistance with pain control

Having access to an onsite physical therapist in a gym can also help you learn to better manage pain. A physical therapist can help you find the source of your pain and create a non-pharmacological plan for reducing and managing it.

Addressing onsite injuries fast

If you experience an injury while working out, you don’t have to wait to see a physician. You can go straight to a physical therapy clinic. The kinds of musculoskeletal conditions that people experience while exercising are the kinds of issues physical therapists see and treat every day.

Learning proper form

As you get back to full mobility after an injury, understanding your body mechanics is imperative. Your physical therapist can show you exactly how to position your body as you pursue different physical activities to empower you to prevent future injuries. In addition, your physical therapist can communicate with a personal trainer at the gym to develop a personalized program that keeps you safe and strong.


Dunny Dunlap, PT, ATC, is a licensed physical therapist employed with HPRC since 1987. He is Director of HPRC Physical Therapy in Columbia and Lexington, South Carolina. His education includes: Winthrop University, MBA 2001; Medical University of South Carolina, B.S. in PT 1987; The Citadel, M.Ed. in 1984 and B.S. in 1980. Dunny is certified in Dry Needling, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and his specialties and interests include orthopedics and sports injuries. Memberships include: APTA (American Physical Therapy Association); PPS (Private Practice Section of APTA); SPTS (Sports Physical Therapy Section of APTA); NATA(National Athletic Trainers Association); SCATA (South Carolina Athletic Trainers Association).

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  1. Dunny Dunlap has helped with both hip and shoulder injuries in the past years . Even though I am a physical therapist in Tennessee, I routinely call Dunny for treatment suggestions and workout modifications.!He is a great resource, if you are lucky enough to workout where he is located don’t hesitate to get his advice, I do!

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