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A Testimonial that Warmed Our Hearts

We were so thrilled to receive this heartfelt letter from the mother of one of our valued patients.  There is something so very special about working with our peds patients and are honored to have served this family.  Thanks Kathy and little Emmet!

“I am a mother of a 3.5 year old son with Joubert Syndrome and we just left our first medical conference. As we began the drive home today, I was reminiscing on our long journey here and felt compelled to reach out to the team at Pediatric Rehabilitation in Columbus, GA. These women worked with my son from about 1 years old until we moved just before his third birthday, and they were the true reason we were able to find our son’s diagnosis.

They had worked with him for about 6-9 months before letting me know that our son was definitely improving with his gross and fine motor skills, but was also displaying unusual behaviors/not progressing in areas that normally should. They made a point of mentioning, gently and with absolute respect for our opinion, that seeking a second opinion for our son’s neurologist could possibly be very beneficial and offer answers to his medical questions. I definitely hesitated (until close to when he was about 2.5), but after consistently observing the same things they pointed out, we requested a referral to see a neurologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and within a week an MRI was conducted and we had an official diagnosis.

With Emmet’s condition, there is a high likelihood of retinal degeneration, liver, as well as kidney failure. Had we not followed up on their expert advice, we would have never known to be monitoring his eyes and internal organs. Your employees quite possibly saved our son’s life and our family is forever indebted to the fantastic staff you have at Peds Rehab.




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