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Mid-adult woman receives annual breast exam from her womens health provider.

Womens health clinician meets with patient for an appointment.

Women's Health

At HRPC, we have highly trained physical therapists offering women's health services. They evaluate and treat conditions specific and unique to female clients. The clinicians in this area address conditions such as:

Pregnancy-related back pain
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Pelvic pain
Urinary/Fecal incontinence

We have a certified Pelvic Rehab Practitioner on staff to help address many of these conditions.

HPRC's clinicians provide treatments that, not only improve acute problems, but also promote and enhance health through the life span. In other words, we focus on both preventative and restorative therapy. Our goal is to ensure our patients' quality of life is maintained or improved. In fact, HPRC prides itself on delivering customized care to its patients at various life stages. HPRC's specialists will work with patients to develop an individualized plan of treatment based on their specific needs. Once this is complete, treatment will be provided  in a safe, private, and comfortable environment.

Discover how you can empower yourself by mitigating pain through physical therapy. You can call one of the locations below to schedule an appointment with a women's health clinician.

Women's Health services are offered at the following Columbus, Georgia locations:

St. Francis Main Campus

St. Francis River Road

You can learn more about other services our HPRC clinicians provide.