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HPRC Announces Partnership with Confluent Health

Legacy private practice group, HPRC, announces partnership with Louisville-based Confluent Health

Human Performance and Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. (HPRC) is proud to announce plans to partner with Confluent Health, a Louisville, Kentucky-based private equity holding company focused on creating a healthcare system that combines best-in-class clinical care in the rehabilitation industry with proven management services.  The partnership is expected to be effective in 4th quarter 2020, and will maintain HPRC’s brand, management/leadership and namesake while allowing them access to Confluent Health’s shared management services, including accounting and finance, talent acquisition, marketing, and staff development opportunities.

HPRC was founded in Columbus, Georgia in 1955 by George M. McCluskey Jr, PT.  What began as one-man practice has grown into a business with locations across Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.   McCluskey founded HPRC with one idea in mind:  to rebuild the body’s functional capability and to improve life, one patient at a time.  “Our culture and values are the only things that haven’t changed since my father founded our company 60+ years ago.  Our task is to grow our business while understanding the realities of the present and the challenges of the future, and yet remain faithful to our heritage,” said Brian McCluskey, Ph.D., Chairman/CEO of HPRC.  “Change is the only constant we know,” he added.  “We believe that partnering with Confluent Health is our best chance to continue to grow and remain a viable and relevant healthcare company in the future.”

“We are enthusiastic to venture in this partnership with Confluent Health; this will enable us to continue to invest in our communities by improving patient’s lives, and increase professional growth opportunities for our staff,” stated Patrick Graham, PT, MBA, HPRC’s President/COO and son-in-law of founder George McCluskey.

Confluent Health has a simple strategy – to partner with legacy practices in the therapy industry, align their clinical focus with Confluent’s business resources and proven systems, and grow business.  “We offer our warmest welcome to Brian and Patrick and the team at HPRC.  They have a rich history of best-in-class clinical care and uphold a steadfast commitment to their patients, which are exactly the practices we love to join in partnership,” said Confluent Health CEO, Dr. Larry Benz DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP.

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About Confluent Health:

Confluent Health is a Louisville, Kentucky-based private equity holding company focused on creating a healthcare system that recognizes physical and occupational therapy providers as the Best First Choice for preventing and managing musculoskeletal and movement disorders. Confluent Health offers the following management services: evidence-based practice, patient loyalty, regulatory assurance, marketing and branding, clinic operations, hiring and retention, strategy, accounting and finance, and customer service to Baton Rouge Physical Therapy – Lake, BreakThrough Physical Therapy, Capitol Physical Therapy, El Paso Physical Therapy Specialists, the Evidence In Motion family of companies, Fit For Work, Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Pappas Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Central, ProActive Physical Therapy Specialists, ProRehab Physical Therapy, Redbud Physical Therapy, RET Physical Therapy Group, Rehab Therapy Works, Lake Center for Rehab, SporTherapy, and Texas Physical Therapy Specialists, and Tallahassee Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy.  Together, these companies share a common ownership team and are committed to developing a learning, purpose, and coaching culture.

About Human Performance and Rehabilitation Centers, INC.

Established in 1955, HPRC was founded with one idea in mind: to rebuild and enhance the body’s functional capability – to improve life, one patient at a time. Sixty-five years later, HPRC offers a broad service line including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthotics, prosthetics, and electrodiagnostic testing to pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations in 9 locations across Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.




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