A Patient’s Letter To Congress

On March 12, 2020 I suffered a fall that resulted in several injuries. The most important injury was a torn rotator cuff. Secondary injuries were to my elbow, wrist, and finger.

Due to the growing pandemic surgery for my elbow, wrist, and finger was postponed until May 29th. In the mean time my doctor ordered a physical therapy routine beginning on March 26th. I continued a weekly regimen of physical therapy until my surgery at the end of May and resumed therapy in again early June. My rotator cuff surgery was done on July 31st.

The success of my surgeries and my rehabilitation can be attributed to my physical therapist. He created a rehabilitative plan that would result in my hand and arm being in the best possible condition prior to each surgery and followed by physical therapy after the surgeries. I believe that the tremendous benefit of my physical therapy cannot be overstated. I would ask Congress to continue to fund Medicare Part B services at the current levels rather than the slated cuts.

Please consider how important Medicare funding is to people like me who need physical therapy and will be adversely affected by funding cuts.

If you would like to be a part of the conversation, visit the American Physical Therapy Association’s Action Page.

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